Founded in 2002, ChipSiP has been building its core brand value of "System in Package" design to shape a smart lifestyle teems with portable technology by creating miniaturization chips. ChipSiP provides well-rounded turnkey SiP solutions utilizing chip package design to optimize the tiniest, easy-to-implement Memory, Logic and Wireless SiP for the market trend of being lighter and slimmer. With ChipSiP's "customized SiP standardization" process, the accumulated sales have reached 40 million units for digital cameras, digital camcorders and cell phones. ChipSiP will continue its effort on cutting-edge SiP products and brand added service to broaden the value of SiP both in the market and industry chain. To realize the desire into future life, ChipSiP is committed to driving the core engine of SiP technology to bring a smart life ahead of you.

On-the-shelf solutions

Custom solutions

  1. Memories
    • NAND+DDR3
    • NAND+DDR2
    • DDR3 Stack

  2. RF
    • WIFI Module client
    • WIFI Module AP
    • GPS Module

  3. Newton System SiP
    • 7-in-1 version : ARM Cortex A8+
    • 5-in-1 version : ARM Cortex A8+NAND+DDR3+Peripherals+Android

  1. Modulized and Customized SiP
    • RF + Memory SiP
    • Memory MCP
    • Logic + Memory SiP
    • Logic + RF + Memory SiP

  2. PCB Design and Manufacture
    • Customized and Modulized PCB design